Rev-Share Buddy -
Share Banner Program

Maximize you advertising clicks.

Use Revenue Services Buddy to get more exposure for the same cost. It's clean, simple and best of all it's free. Simple links and a format that just works so well. You just choose which rev-share program you want to advertise and get the code for it. Then get your referral ID from the program. Then it so easy to place your ads with Revenue Servicese Buddy you won't believe it.

Revenue Services Buddy adds a bottom bar to your offer page and places two banner ads on it. This means for each page the members view you show them three offers, your main offer and two banners. The two banners are rotated from the master list of current users.
There is no setup for your banners as it is completely automated, all you do is use Revenue Services Buddy to show your main offer. We have made using Revenue Services Buddy as easy as possible.

When you use Revenue Services Buddy you get entered into the banner rotator automatically and your link is shown for two days. As long as you continue to use Revenue Services Buddy your links continues to show in banners across the Buddy system.

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